WE Florida was created to encourage, support and promote…

The sport of Working Equitation in the US and specifically in the state of Florida! A great sport fit for any horse/rider of any breed/age/experience or training! Learning the basics of dressage in order to perform specific movements for a purpose of working ~ whether you want to become more ‘in tune’ with your horse or would like to overcome your horse’s (or yours!) fear of water/ditches/bridges, gain flexibility and control or just enjoy a competitive sport with people that love horses that is less expensive and more supportive than many of the other disciplines offered at horse shows ~ we fell in love with this sport for these and many more reasons!

Amie D. Fulks, WEUSA licensed judge, Riding Master V Instructor, BS Equine Science & Owner of Selah Sporthorses

Amie Fulks

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science from Salem-Teikyo University
  • Studied equine endocryinology (reproduction) at Ohio State University
  • Riding Master V – Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre

Amie has owned and operated a riding and training facility for most of the first 20 years of her adult life. Riding and competing on the east coast and midwest areas of the USA in the sport of Combined Training and Dressage, Amie taught young and mature, beginner and more advanced students of all riding disciplines and persuasions to improve their communication skills, increase their balance and coordination and create a better team with their horses and ponies.

Amie brings the same passion for helping riders and owners achieve a higher degree of sensitivity and satisfaction with their partners into the sport of Working Equitation.

Her most recent time spent in Portugal intensely training with Joao Lynce has proven to fuel the fire and give her more tools to prepare for competing and training in the USA.

Eva Fogh Pederson Aberg, WEUSA licensed judge, owner of 5151 Round Lake Rd in Apopka, FL
Ewa & MattssonEva (pronounced “AVA”) is a native of Sweden and has been in the horse industry for more than 37 years. Dressage has always been the main interest. The “master “of her training and a great source of inspiration has always been her good friend and fellow Swede…Mrs Anne Gribbons, of Knoll Dressage Farm, who is well known in US.

Having a successful breeding operation raising and training Swedish Warmbloods for over 20 years focused on confirmation, temperament and trainability of the horse for Dressage, the sport of Working Equitation entered her life in 1996, when it was introduced in Sweden. Ewa was fortunate enough to train with one of the best in the world Mr Joao Lynce from Portugal. Mr Lynce is a former World Champion and Portugal is always in the top of the championships.¬† Many training periods have been spent in Portugal working with some of the best horses in the world for this equestrian sport …The Lusitano.

Mr Joao¬† Lynce is still our Master and we will try to bring him here as often as possible, for all of us to enjoy !! Eva is now permanently living in US and running a training facility in Apopka, Florida called Everleaf Equestrian. Working Equitation is new and exiting and very fun to ride and teach and it is Eva’s goal to inspire as many as possible to find the same joy!